sito italiano di BOB DYLAN


Dylan' songs co-firmate


Tears of Rage (w/Richard Manuel)
This Wheel's On Fire (w/ Rich Danko)
Ballad Of Easy Rider (uncredited - w/Roger McGuinn)
I'd Have You Anytime (w/George Harrison)
Hurricane (w/Jacques Levy)
Mozambique (w/Jacques Levy)
Black Diamond Bay (w/Jacques Levy)
Oh, Sister (w/Jacques Levy)
Isis (w/Jacques Levy)
Joey (w/Jacques Levy)
Romance in Durango (w/Jacques Levy)
Catfish (w/Jacques Levy)
Money Blues (w/Jacques Levy)
Rita May (w/Jacques Levy)
Baby Give It Up (w/Helena Springs)
Coming From The Heart (The Road Is Long) (w/Helena Springs)
Her Memory (w/Helena Springs & Ken Moore)
I Must Love You Too Much (w/Helena Springs)
If I Don't Be There By Morning (w/Helena Springs & Carolyn Dennis)
Love You Too Much (w/Helena Springs & Greg Lake)
More Than Flesh And Blood (w/Helena Springs)
One More Time (w/Helena Springs)
Responsibility (w/Helena Springs)
Someone Else's Arms (w/Helena Springs)
Stop Now (w/Helena Springs)
Tell Me The Truth One Time (w/Helena Springs)
Walk Out In The Rain (w/Helena Springs)
Wandering Kind, The (w/Helena Springs)
What's The Matter (w/Helena Springs)
Without You (w/Helena Springs)
Take It Or Leave It (w/Helena Springs)
Your Rockin' Chair (w/Helena Springs)
Brownsville Girl (w/Sam Shepard)
Got My Mind Made Up (w/Tom Petty)
Jammin We (w/Tom Petty)
Street Rock (w/Kurtis Blow)
Waiting for the Morning Light (w/Gene Simmons)
Under Your Spell (w/Carole Bayer Sager)
Silvio (w/Robert Hunter)
Ugliest Girl In the World (w/Robert Hunter)
Handle With Care (w/The Traveling Wilburys)
Dirty Mind (w/The Traveling Wilburys)
Congratulations (w/The Traveling Wilburys)
Tweeter and the Monkeyman (w/The Traveling Wilburys)
Inside Out (w/The Traveling Wilburys)
If You Belonged To Me (w/The Traveling Wilburys)
Seven Deadly Sins (w/The Traveling Wilburys)
Where Were You Last Night? (w/The Traveling Wilburys)
Steel Bars (w/ Michael Bolton)
Saved (w/Tim Drummond)
Masquerade (w/Gerry Goffin)
Tragedy Of The Trade (w/Gerry Goffin & Barry Goldberg)
Well Well Well (w/Danny O'Keefe)
Champaign, Illinois (w/Carl Perkins)
Love Rescue Me (w/Bono)
Heartland (w/Willie Nelson)
Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (w/Robert Hunter)
Life Is Hard (w/Robert Hunter)
My Wife's Home Town (Willie Dixon w/Robert Hunter)
If You Ever Go To Houston (w/Robert Hunter)
Forgetful Heart (w/Robert Hunter)
Jolene (w/Robert Hunter)
Shake Shake Mama (w/Robert Hunter)
I Feel A Change Comin' On (w/Robert Hunter)
It's All Good (w/Robert Hunter)