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left to right: Mona Lisa Young, Mary Elizabhet Bridges, Regina McCrary (aka Regina Havis), Gnew Evans, Clydie King

left to right: Regina McCrary (Regina Havis), Mary Elizabhet Bridges, Mona Lisa Young, Gnew Evans, Clydie King

left to right: Regina McCrary (Regina Havis), Mona Lisa Young, Mary Elizabhet Bridges, Gnew Evans, Clydie King

Debbie Dye

Debbie Dye (aka Deby Dye) was Bob's backing vocalist from February to April 1978 together with Helena Springs and Jo Ann Harris, she was replaced by Carolyn Dennis when she joined the cast of the movie "Hair" staying several years also for the musical in the theatre.
Debbie Dee appears as a backing vocalist in the following Dylan bootlegs:

 Live in Adelaide Australia 1978 [live] • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

Love Minus Zero/No Limit / Is Your Love in Vain [live] 1978 • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

Maggie's Farm / All Along the Watchtower [live] 1979 • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

Bob Dylan at Budokan [live] 1979 • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

Forever Young / All Along the Watchtower / I Want You [live] 1979 • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

A Night to Remember [live] 1995 • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

Darkness at the Break of Noon 1996 • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

Martial Arena [live] 1998 • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

Okay I Still Get Stoned [live] 1998 • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

Tokyo Legal [live] 2008 • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

Live in Japan, Vol. 2 [live] 2012 • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

Live in Japan, Vol. 3 [live] 2012 • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

1978 World Tour Anthology [live] 2013 • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

Live in Japan, Vol. 7 [live] 2014 • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

Osaka 1978 [live] • Bob Dylan
backing vocals

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Jo Ann Harris

Jo Ann Harris, after having been Dylan's backing vocalist throughout 1978, joined the group of Harlettes who were supporting Bette Midler in 1983 where she was then replaced by Helena Springs. In addition to Bob Dylan she has also been a backing vocalist for Rita Coolidge, Melissa Manchester and many others.

Helena Springs

Helena Louise Springs, singer with The Harlettes of Bette Midler in 1983 with Jo Ann Harris, worked with Bob Dylan and Elton John. She then sang with Pet Shop Boys and appeared as a backing vocalist in some of their first successes like "West End Girls". In 1986 she signed a solo contract with the Arista Records and published individuals "I Want You" and "Paper Money" but they could not be pop success. In 1987 she publishes the album "New Love" that also contains the individual "Midnight Lady" and "Be soft with me tonight". She probably had a relations with Bob Dylan, certain with De Niro and David Bowie. De Niro lost his head for Helena Springs and with her he had a daughter named Nina De Niro. The Star of "Ragin Bull" and "The Godfather part 2” pay the food for the child for years, but in 1992 he underwent blood exam that demonstrated that he was not the biological father, since then De Niro has no longer contributed to the education of Nina. The Springs remained very close to Dylan on the 1978 tour through Japan, Australia and New Zealand, then in Europe in June and July, Florida in December until the end of 1979 for religious concerts. Helena Springs wrote in that period several songs with Dylan and many of these were never published. Here is the list of titles:

Baby Give It Up (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Coming From The Heart (The Road Is Long) (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Her Memory (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs-Ken Moore)
I Must Love You Too Much (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
If I Don't Be There By Morning (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Love You Too Much (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs-Greg Lake)
More Than Flesh And Blood (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
One More Time (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Someone Else's Arms (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Stop Now (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Tell Me The Truth One Time (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Walk Out In The Rain (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
The Wandering Kind (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
What's The Matter (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Without You (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Take It Or Leave It (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Your Rockin' Chair (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Baby Give It Up (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Coming From The Heart (The Road Is Long) (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Her Memory (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs-Ken Moore)
I Must Love You Too Much (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
If I Don't Be There By Morning (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Love You Too Much (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs-Greg Lake)
More Than Flesh And Blood (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
One More Time (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Responsibility (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)
Someone Else's Arms (Bob Dylan-Helena Springs)

Carol Yvonne Dennis (aka Carolyn Dennis)

Carol Yvonne (Aka Carolyn) Dennis, was born in Compton, Greater Los Angeles, on April 12th 1954, she is a Gospel singer and Gospel/Rock chorister who appeared in The Carpenters albums, Harry Chapin, Tracy Chapman, Art Garfunkel, Michael Jackson, Gladys Knight, Olivia Newton-John, Smokey Robinson, David Soul, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder. She also appeared on stage with Bob Dylan and in many albums of Bob. When she were asked to work with Dylan for the first time, it is said that she asked "Who is Bob Dylan?" Carolyn Dennis has married Bob Dylan the 4th of June 1986 and with him he had a daughter, Desiree Gabrielle Dennis-Dylan, born on January 31st 1986 in Canoga Park, California. Desiree is mentioned in the long list of dedications on the cover of the album of that year, Knocked Out Loaded. Carolyn Dennis asked for divorce on August 7th 1990 and got it in October 1992. This information was "revealed" for the first time in Dylan's biography of Howard Sounes, "Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan, 2001". Carolyn Dennis joined the Queens of Dylan in 1978, starting from the first stage of the February-April tour, to sing in Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Before the tour she was in the studios to sing as a backing vocalist in the Sessions of "Street Legal", and then when the North American part of the tour started, on June 1st in Los Angeles, Carolyn Dennis replaced Debi Dye, together with Jo Ann Harris and Helena Springs. She remained part of the group until the last evening of the tour, December 16th in Hollywood, Florida, and during the tour sang by “solo” the song "A Change is Skirt as" by Sam Cooke in Nuremberg in Germany on 1st July and she sung in front of 300.000 people at Blackbushe, England on July 15th. During the Soundchecks, with Jo Ann Harris and Helena Springs sang "One More Cup of Coffee", "To Ramona", "Mr. Tambourine Man", "Where Are You Tonight (Journey Through Dark Heat)?", "Am I Your Stepchild ?","True Love Tens to Forget" and " Rainy Day Women 12 & 35", and from November 10th (to Seattle), most of the concerts started with the three singing "Rainy Day Women". She also has brought her childhood friend Regina McCrary (Aka Regina Havis) in Dylan's orbit making her an audition when the tour arrived in Nashville on December 2nd. Throughout the tour, Dylan presented his stage choristers.

Regina McCrary (aka Regina Havis)

Regina McCrary (also known with its previous name from married Regina Havis, or Regina McCrary Brown) was born on May 22th 1958 in Nashville, daughter of the Reverend Samuel Brown, who with the name of Sam McCrary was the main singer of the Gospel Group of Fairfield Four in the 1940s. Minor sister of the gospel-singer Ann McCrary, she was called to make a hearing for a place in the group of Dylan 's backing vocalis by her friend Carolyn Dennis, who she knew since they were girls. She made an audition when the "1978 World Tour" passed from Nashville on December 2nd and was then called after a few months for "Slow Train Coming" sessions in the spring of 1979, starting with vocal overdubbings in the Muscle Shoals studio in Sheffield, Alabama. Subsequently, the beautiful Ms. McCrary Brown was part of the Dylan choristers at the "Saturday Night Live" on October 20th 1979, and then embarked on the first Dylan Gospel Tour, which starts with the long series of sold-out dates at the Fox Warfield Theater of San Francisco on November 1st and ends on December 9th in Tucson, Arizona. She had no idea how "great" Bob Dylan was when she joined the choristers: but only in front of those immense crowds that she understood how important the figure of Dylan was for so many people. Her friend Carolyn Dennis was not in the group in this tour: Queen's backing vocalists colleagues were Mona Lisa Young and Helena Springs. In 1980 McCrary remained throughout the year on tour. She then register the album “Saved” between the two tours, started in the studio on February 13th, along with Mona Lisa Young and Clydie King. During the second tour of 1980, she duetted with Dylan on the song "Ain't No Man Righeous, no not one" in Hartford, Connecticut, May 7th, and two weeks after sung by solo the last night of the Tour. Once again, this tour did not include Carolyn Dennis. In 1981 Regina McCrary was still with Dylan when he went to the studios of Santa Monica on March 11th to start working on the “Shot of Love” sessions, and towards the end of that month during a session she not only sang as a chorister, but she also sang as a solo voice in "Please be patient with me" and (as she had done live the year before) "Ain't No Man Righteus, no not one". She and Dylan also wrote a song during these sessions, "Got to Give Him My All" (although it has never been published by any of the two). She remained to the sessions until May, even if she left before the last session, in which there was Carolyn Dennis and Madelyn Quebec. On the June-July 1981 tour, Regina was again there, and she sang the solo voice in "Till I get it right" at the opening of each concert, and duetted with Dylan in "Mary from the wild moor" at the third show of London June 28th. In all, she had been with Bob Dylan for three albums and over 150 concerts. In 1999, interviewed for the American fanzine "Dylan on the Tracks", McCrary said that she worked "as an anti-drug consultant in a Christian ministry" and sang in "The Bobby Jones Gospel Show", then the largest Gospel TV program of the Country. The twenty-year-old son of Regina, Tony, was murdered in 2000, but Regina found peace forgiving the killer. In 2004 she had become Rev. Regina McCrary and was announced as a guest speaker at Surviving Heartbreak Hotel Women's Retreat, always in Nashville. In 2003, a sort of circle was completed with the release of the Album Compilation of various artists “Gotta Serves Somebody: The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan”, which presents two relevant elements (in addition to Dylan duet with Mavis Staples): here we find an “a cappella” song "Are you ready?" Of the most recent incarnation of Fairfield Four all male - and a version of "Pressing On" announced by the Chicago Mass Choir of which the solo singer was Regina McCrary. Since then, as part of the Gospel The McCrary Sisters group, she continued to perform and record Gospel album. "Our Journey", 2010, includes a reworking of "Blowin' in the Wind". Dylan himself in the introductory notes of his 1985 album "Biograph", he complimated himself with Regina remembering the Gospel Tour: "Regina McCrary sang with me for a few years. It is the daughter of Reverend Sam McCrary of Nashville who had been part of the Gospel group Named Fairfield Four. Anyway Regina opened these concerts with a monologue talking about a woman on a train, it was so incredibly moving. I wanted the audience heard that speech because I loved him and these are the real roots of all modern music ".

Monalisa Young

From the age of 16, Monalisa Harrington (married to Terry Young, keyboardist from which he took the surname Young) was a professional in the mainstream of the music industry. Nearly follow the footsteps of his mother "Cathryn Ballinger" who is remembered in the "archives of Durbeck" as one of the "first black opera singers of classical training" along with the divas of the work "Leontynne Price, Kathleen Battle and the Great Marion Anderson". As a child, Monalisa was alongside her mother while she trained with some of the best vocal coaches of Los Angeles, California. Unconsciously Monalisa was absorbing all these teachings and then used them as his own tools. Diversity has always been a quality in this family of singers for four generations, from the Quartet of the grandfather of Monalisa, to the current Duo of Monalisa with her daughter Charity. Monalisa, through a friend of her mother, has made a hearing for the singer-songwriter Paul Williams. Her audition has been guided by Clydie King who was totally hitted by Monalisa. After the audition, Clydie King has taken it on the two feet and the rest is now history since Monalisa would have continued to record and to do tours with many of the greatest artists in the history of music like Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Neil Diamond, Ray Charles, Barbara Streisand, Chicago, Don Henley, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Whitney Houston, Barry White, Elton John, Marvin Gaye, Dave Stewart, Belinda Carlisle, Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks, Aaron Neville, Thelma Houston, Leonard Cohen , Englebert Humpperdink, Randy Crawford, Barry Manilow, Roberta Flack, Kylie Minogue, Michael Bolton, Tom Jones, Solomon Burke, Joe Walsh, Paul Williams, Johnny Mathis, José Feliciano, Andy Williams, Bonnie Tyler and Harry Nilsson.

Regina Peebles (or Peeples)

Regina was in The Queens Of Rhythm in January and February 1980 in the Second Gospel Tour

She sang in the album: The Bootleg Series Vol. 13: Trouble No More 1979 -1981

Clydie King

Clydie Mae Crittendon, daughter of Curtis Crittendon and Lula Mae King,
was an American singer known for her work as a backing vocalist. Before joining Bob's Quenns,
Clydie King recorded a disc in his name. In the 1970s, she recorded the album "Brown Sugar"
and her single "Loneliness (Will Bring Us Together Again)" peaked at number 44 on the Billboard R&B charts in 1973.

Clydie King was born in Dallas and was raised by her major sister after her mother died. After starting singing in the local church, she moved with her family to Los Angeles in the early 1950s. Discovered by singer-songwriter Richard Berry, Cludie King began her recording career in 1956 with the nikename of Little Clydie and the Teens; she previously had been a backing vocalist in Ray Charles' Raelettes for three years and she contributed to producer Phil Spector's early 1960s recordings. She sang the backing vocals for "Humble Pie" and "Pink Floyd" as a member of The Blackberries with Venetta Fields and Shirley Matthews in 1973, which had great success in the US, and became a very successful session singer. Upon request, she then recorded with BB King, The Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt, Joe Cocker, Joe Walsh and many more.

The Blackberries


(Left to right: Sherlie Matthews, Venetta Fields, Clydie King)

 Together with Merry Clayton (backing vocalist of Ray Charles' Raelettes), Clydie King sang the backing vocals on Lynyrd Skynyrd's hit "Sweet Home Alabama".
Clydie King has been married twice. Her first husband was Robin Hale, with whom she had three children:
Christopher, Randy and Magge Hale. Her second husband was Tony Collins, by whom she had a daughter, Dolores Collins.
In 1998, the newspapers reported that Bob Dylan's then-girlfriend Susan Ross had stated that Dylan had been
secretly married to Clydie King and had two children with her. She also stated that she had had long-term
relationships with vocalists Helena Springs and Carolyn Dennis.
Clydie King passed away on January 7th 2019, at the age of 75, due to complications from a blood infection.
For a more complete view of her numerous participation alongside the best artists click the link below:

Mary Elizabeth Bridges

Mary Elizabeth Bridges was backing vocalist for Bob Dylan and many other artists, with 1 film (Troubles no more) in her filmography.
Mary is featured in the following albums:

Dan Hill - If Dreams Had Wings

Peabo Bryson / Roberta Flack - Born To Love

Charlene - Hit & Run Lover

Morris Day - Color Of Success

Tramaine - Freedom

Engelbert Humperdinck - Moonlight Angel

Bob Dylan - East Coast Bondage ‎

Bob Dylan ‎- Trouble No More

Bob Dylan ‎- Trouble No More (film documentary as Mary Elizabeth Bridges)

Gwen Evans

Gwen Evans was backing vocalist for Bob Dylan in April and May 1980
for the THIRD GOSPEL TOUR. She is also present in the following albums:

Oh Happy Day Reunion - The Edwin Hawkins Singers
Too Leg To Quitt - MC Hammer
Unexpected Journey - Jeff Jenkins
I Commit to LOve - Howard Hewett (violin)
Private Dancer - Tina Turnes
Inherit the Wind - Wilton Felder
Word Peace in The Key of Jazz - Antoniette Montague
Bob Dylan – East Coast Bondage
The Holy Child Singers – The Voice Of Negro America
American Dreams • Jesse Colin Young
Invitation • Norman Connors
Ghetto Blaster • The Crusaders
Solid Rock [live] • Bob Dylan
The Born Again Music [live] • Bob Dylan
Rock Solid [live] • Bob Dylan
Last Supper Serenade [live] • Bob Dylan
The Bootleg Series Vol. 13: Trouble No More 1979-1981

Madelyn Quebec

Madelyn R. "Mattie" Quebec (born Neal) sang with Ray Charles as a backing vocalist in The Raeletes from 1973 to 1979.


She later dueted with his son-in-law Bob Dylan in live concerts as a member of "The Queens Of Rhythm" in the 1980s, she also sang the backing vocals on the albums Down in the Groove, Knocked Out Loaded, Empire Burlesque and Shot of Love. Madelyn is also Carolyn Dennis' mother and thus Bob Dylan's mother-in-law.

Debra Byrd

Debra Byrd (born July 19th 1951, Cleveland, Ohio) is an American singer who has worked with the female vocal trio Lady Flash, with Barry Manilow and Bob Dylan. She is the vocal coach for the American Idol and Canadian Idol shows and the Hub television series "Majors and Minors". She has been a vocalist for Bob Dylan's Queens of Ryhthm since 1985 ("Farm Aid", Memorial Stadium, Champaign, IL)
to March 1986 (Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan) - (the "True Confessions Tour" - Far East)
Debra is featured as a backing vocalist in the theme of the Film "Band of the Hand", recorded in Sydney on February 9th and 10th 1986.
In the film Dylan is accompanied by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and the backing singers
Debra Byrd, Queen Esther Marrow, Madelyn Quebec, Elisecia Wright + Stevie Nicks (lead singer of Fleetwood Mac).

Most recently, she worked as a vocal coach for all ten seasons of American Idol, as well as the short-lived American Juniors and all six seasons of Canadian Idol. In late 2006 she served as a judge on Military Idol, a singing competition in which all contestants are members of the United States Army.
Debra Byrd was most recently the vocal coach for the Top Thirty finalists on the first American Idol television show. She was also one of the background singers for Idols Live! Tour.

Queen Esther Marrow

Queen Esther Marrow was born in Newport News, Virginia. She began her career at age 22 when her vocal skills were discovered by Duke Ellington and she made her debut as a featured artist on his "Sacred Concert" world tour. Queen Marrow and Ellington formed a long-standing friendship over the next four years while on tour together. Queen Esther has since performed with Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, B.B. King, Ray Charles, Thelonious Monk, Chick Corea and Bob Dylan.
In 1965 Marrow became active in the civil rights movement when she performed in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's World Crusade. There she met her lifelong idol of hers, Mahalia Jackson, with whom she later would share the stage. Other political activists of the crusade were Jesse Jackson, Sidney Poitier and Dr. Ralph Abernathy. Marrow performed for Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton and performed for the British Royal Family. You have sung several times in the Vatican for Pope John Paul II.

Elisecia Wright

Elisecia Wright (born Elisecia Lecei) married to Robert Byron Wright,
she is now an African American Pastor, author, singer, vocal coach and was
a backing vocalist with Bob Dylan's Queens of Rhythm

Louise Bethune

Louise Bethune was the founder and leader of the female vocal group The Gems, a Chicago girls
group in 1960 that became the first backup vocal group for the famous Chess Records label.

The Gems members:
Andrea Davis, Betha Watts, Dorthy Hucklebee, Jessica Collins, Louise Bethune, Minnie Riperton, Theresa Washum

Louise Bethune also made part of one of the many groups that continued
to perform with the name The Chantels. She also sang in The Crystals In 1970
with her friend Peggy Blue who will follow her in The Queens of Rhythm
to sing as a backing vocalist for Bob Dylan in 1986 in the True Confession Tour-USA

Louise Bethune is part of the famous Shirelles since 1982.

The Shirelles were an influential american female group in the early 1960s, and they were
the very first female group to have a single in the first place in the Billboard Hot 100.
The members of the quartet were Shirley Owens (which was the singer for more part of the time),
Doris Coley, Beverly Lee and Addie "Micki" Harris. The quartet was formed in New Jersey in 1958
and continued to publish a series of successes including "Baby It's You", "Mama Said" and the
pop Hits "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" and "Soldier Boy". Their "Sha la la" has become a international
success when it was covered by the british group Manfred Mann, and "Boys" was covered by the Beatles.
The Beatles also made a cover of "Baby It's You" in their album "Please please me".
Although they had no more successes in the standings after 1967, The Shirelles continued to do tour
and perform in the early 1980s. In 1968, Doris Coley left the group to remarry and grow the family
of her, and the group continued like a Trio. In 1975, Doris returned only to replace the Owens who left
the group to start a solo career. On June 10th 1982, after a live concert in Atlanta, Addie "Micki" Harris
died for a heart attack at 42 years old and was replaced by Louise Bethune.
In short, the group went into semi-pension, even if they accepted an invitation to register backing vocals 
for Dionne Warwick at the end of the 1980s. They have been inserted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. On February4, 2000, Doris Coley has lost her battle against breast cancer (58 years). The group was inserted in the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2002.
Shirley Owens (June 10, 1941, Henderson, NC)
Addie "Micki" Harris (January 22, 1940, High Point, NC – June 10, 1982, Atlanta, Georgia)
Beverly Lee ( August 3, 1941, Passaic, NJ)
Doris Coley (1958 – 1982) dead in 2000
Doris Kenner Jackson
Kendra Spotswood (1964 – 1966)
Shirley Alston Reeves (1958 – 1975)
Louise Bethune (1982 – present)


Louise Bethune sang in the following Dylan's bootlegs:

Joint Adventures [live] • Bob Dylan - 1986
backing vocals

Fourth of July [live] • Bob Dylan - 1987
backing vocals

Take a Train [live] • Bob Dylan
1987 backing vocals

Precious Memories [live] • Bob Dylan - 1990
backing vocals

Hearts of Fire [motion picture soundtrack] • Various Artists - 1991
backing vocals

Lonesome Town Vol. 1 [live] • Bob Dylan - 1993
backing vocals

Lonesome Town Vol. 2 [live] • Bob Dylan - 1993
backing vocals

Come Baby, Rock Me [live] • Bob Dylan - 1995
backing vocals

Lonesome L.A. Town [live] • Bob Dylan - 1995
backing vocals

Clean Cut Gig [live] • Bob Dylan & Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - 2005
backing vocals

Live at Tacoma Dome 1986 [live] • Bob Dylan - 2008
backing vocals

Under the Covers [live] • Bob Dylan - 2017
backing vocals

San Diego '86 [live] • Bob Dylan / Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
backing vocals

There Is a Place of Broken Dreams [live] • Bob Dylan / Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
backing vocals

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At present Louise Bethune is afflicted with a severe form of cancer and
on the Internet a fundraiser is open for her to raise the $ 40,000 needed for
the for Peptide Receptor Radio Therapy (PRRT) necessary to prolonging her life.


Like many of the best female entertainers, Peggi Blu, daughter of Avis Blue, grew up singing in the choir of the Mount Sinai church in North Carolina with her mother who is a singer too. Peggi comes from a very long lineage of talented singers, musicians, Episcopal Pastors and Missionaries. At the age of twelve, Peggi had toured most of the state of North Carolina and Virginia singing gospel. At the age of fourteen, her mother allowed Peggi to go to New York with her uncle Bishop Walter to join his gospel group.
At the age of sixteen Peggi began performing with a popular gospel group called The Nat Lewis Singers. Soon after, the group got a lucrative deal to perform in gospel shows in Las Vegas. After this she sang in other choirs such as The Herman Stephens Singers, Clara Walker and The Redeemers, The Coral Maulsby Singers and so on.
Peggi has sung, written and/or co-produced and co-arranged many recordings, in films and on stage for countless stars around the world; Stars like Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand, Burt Bacharach. Edwin Hawkins, The Staple Singers, Quincy Jones, Adam Sandler, Stevie Wonder, Bobby Vinton, Barry Manilow, Luther Vandross, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Alice Cooper, Stephanie Mills, Melissa Manchester, David Foster, Gerald Alston, The Manhattans, The Crusaders, Aaron Neville, Leonard Cohen and Philip Cody.
Peggi has to his credit many film soundtracks such as "Set It Off" with Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith, "The Hurricane" with Denzel Washington and "Desert Heat" with Jean Claude Van Damme. She arranged the vocals and sang on the soundtrack "I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry" with Adam Sandler.

Peggi Blue website:


Concerts' dates and the Queens line-up

February 28th 1978 (Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan)
April 1st 1978 (Sydney Sportsground, Sydney, Australia)

Debbie Dye - Jo Ann Harris  - Helena Springs

June 1st 1978 (Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA)
December 16th 1978 (Hollywood Sportatorium, Miami, FL)

Jo Ann Harris - Helena Springs - Carolyn Dennis


October 20th 1979 (“Saturday Night Live”, NBC Studios, NYC)
December 9th 1979 (Community Center, Tucson, AZ)

Mona Lisa Young - Regina McCrary aka Regina Havis - Helena Springs



January 11th 1980 (Paramount Theatre, Portland, OR) - Second Gospel Tour
February 9th 1980 (Municipal Auditorium, Charleston, WV)

Regina McCrary - Mona Lisa Young - Regina Peebles - Carolyn Dennis

February 27th 1980 (“22nd Annual Grammy Awards”, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA)

Regina McCrary - Mona Lisa Young - Clydie King - Carolyn Dennis + Terry Young


April 17rh 1980 (Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada)
May 21st 1980 (Memorial Hall, Dayton, OH)

Regina McCrary - Mona Lisa Young - Mary Elizabeth Bridges - Gwen Evans  - Clydie King


November 9th 1980 (Fox Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA)
December 4th 1980 (Paramount Theatre, Portland, OR)

Regina McCrary - Carolyn Dennis  - Clydie King



June 10th 1981 (Poplar Creek Music Theater, Chicago, IL)
July 25th 1981 (Palace Des Sports, Avignon, France)

Clydie King  - Regina McCrary  - Madelyn Quebec - Carolyn Dennis


October 16th 1981 (Mecca Auditorium, University Of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI)
November 21st 1981 (Civic Center Theatre, Lakeland FL)

 Clydie King - Regina McCrary - Madelyn Quebec


September 22nd 1985 (“Farm Aid”, Memorial Stadium, Champaign, IL)

Peggi Blue - Queen Esther Marrow  - Carolyn Dennis -  Madelyn Quebec


January 20th 1986 - John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center - Opera House - Washington, District Of Columbia

An All-Star Celebration Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

with Stevie Wonder's band Wonderlove


Madelyn Quebec - Peggi Blue - Queen Esther Marrow

February 5th 1986 (Wellington, New Zealand - Athletic Park)
March 19th 1986 (Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan) - (the “True Confessions Tour” - Down Under)


Madelyn Quebec - Debra Byrd - Queen Esther Marrow - Elisecia Wright - (*)


(*) In the shows of February 9th and 10th 1986, to The Queens was added the singers Stevie Nicks (lead vocal of The Fleetwood Mac)
to record the song "Band of The Hand" which later became the theme of the film of the same name


June 9th 1986 - (San Diego Sports Arena - San Diego, California)
August 6th 1986 (Mid-State Fairground, Paso Robles, CA) - (the “True Confessions Tour” - USA)

Madelyn Quebec - Carolyn Dennis - Louise Bethune - Queen Esther Marrow


September 5th 1987 (Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv, Israel)
October 17th 1987 (Wembley Arena, London, England) - (the “Temples In Flames” tour)

Queen Esther Marrow - Carolyn Dennis - Madelyn Quebec